Common Issues Blockchain Technology Can Fix

Common Issues Blockchain Technology Can Fix

October 7, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

The revolution of robots and AI is proof that humankind has taken a giant leap forward. We already observe Thomas Edison as a personification of innovation and invention. For the past decade, the “.com” boom shook the globe in a way one could have thought. A lot were abhorrent considering it would end up taking away all the works available out there. On the other hand, it resulted in making ways which were unthinkable for the common man.

Transforming the .com Sequence

Blockchain, on the other hand, is one of the upcoming avenues which will transform the sequence of how .com utilized to work. It’s already creating most industries to switch for its application and presenting a huge breakthrough. You will find other technologies too which can be brought under the roof of blockchain and most essentially, for the industry into digital and tech space.

Following are some issues which blockchain is prepared to fix.

Charity and Blockchain Technology

Charity, which is deemed to be the cleanest type of sacrifice and people do it for their fulfillment, is being utilized as the main source of disorganization and corruption. Blockchain technology can solve all such problems by creating transparent ledger balances within the organization that are prone to such systems.

What’s more: users can track their donations easily in unthinkable ways. Firms like XinFin are fixing this problem of tracking the donations and offering P2P access to the data within the system or the organization.

Ride-Hailing and Blockchain

The way people travel today isn’t how we utilized to several years back. The pattern has changed after the introduction of online ride-sharing apps. Ride-sharing and pooling is a trend that is experiencing issues about the user details as well as the driver details. A lot of incidents ignited a global scandal over the wrong misapplication of the apps that don’t cater to the compliances of the user.

XinFin is a company which is utilizing blockchain technology to present a P2P platform that can guarantee the proper database entry of the user and the ride provider.

VR Advertising and Blockchain Technology

AR and VR in games and movies were the major entertainment, and people were keen to spend money on it. For those content marketers, purchasing placement in the AR and VR systems was difficult, since the firms need to launch and relaunch the same thing on various platforms.

Supply Chain and Blockchain

Selling of expired and pilferage item has been one of the major problems in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Through blockchain, a person can understand where the goods have been obtained from, the producer as well as how the producer is keeping his production space.

XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd is a Singaporean-based blockchain technology platform concentrated on global trade and finance. They are powered by the XDC01 protocol where underlying XDC tokens can be traded from FIAT currencies or other cryptos such Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Bitcoin and more. It will also serve as a fundamental settlement tool.