Issuance and Securitize Set Mega Trend in Capital Investment

Issuance and Securitize Set Mega Trend in Capital Investment

October 5, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Security tokens are heading to be at the core of the crypto investment space.  STOs are already showing signs of progressing towards the bulls run.

There was a general question on whether the utility coin offerings will reach the exit.  However, the coming of STOs has put those thoughts to rest. And, real estate tokens are evolving to be the next mega-trend in capital investment.

Interested investors for Security tokens are hedge funds, accredited, non-accredited and institutional investors.  The storefront is also increasing in the marketplace.  Leaseum partners are one of the early firms in NYC offering real estate tokens in the online and private sale.

Darren Marble, Issuance CEO stated, “The ultimate objective of every digital securities issuer is to raise capital as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible,” he further added, “Our partnership with Securitize will give its clients exposure to the right network of investors and increase their likelihood of funding. 

Issuance is based in Los Angeles.  Issuance has partnered with Securitize to simplify and reorganize the process of creating legal securities that back digital assets.

The world of digital securities confirms the deal marketing technology and services.

Securitize has an end-to-end software solution that permits clients to tokenize everything from debts through real estate and the hedge funds.  RealECoin and are already using the White Label Security offer from the company.  The fundraising goals for the company exceed more than half a billion in dollars.

Securitize investors will benefit from the network of institutional investors from Issuance. Darren Marble remarked, “Securitize offers a proven tokenization solution for Issuance clients, who seek compliant trading of digital securities across multiple markets and exchanges.”

Securitize is also partnering up with SharesPost.  This is the first of its kind secondary market for the private tech shares.  Sharepost by the SEC approved Alternative Trading System hosted the first of its kind legally compliant ICOs in the United States.

Real estate tokens and security tokens provide with a marked advantage over utility tokens because utility tokens do not confer ownership rights or income rights.

The tokenization solutions offered by Securitize work like a turnkey.  The SaaS solution for tokenization of digital securities from Securitize is issued by compliance.  Right from the login of the investors through the stage of managing the capital received through issuing and managing the digital securities there is complete compliance in the investment management process.

Real estate tokens provide for the safe and responsible integration of asset tokenization into the mainstream via cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  The crypto community continues to grow.