How USAT Inc. is disrupting innovation itself to bring life-changing ethical technologies to the world

How USAT Inc. is disrupting innovation itself to bring life-changing ethical technologies to the world

September 12, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

Based in Australia, the United Scientists Association of Technology (USAT) Inc. stores, protects, assesses, funds, develops, and commercialises ethical intellectual property (IP), using the power of the blockchain.

USAT Inc. deals in all kinds of IP: the only requirements are that the IP must be ethical, scientifically sound, and commercially viable. USAT Inc. currently has many technologies in its IP pipeline, including the world’s first ultra-accurate smartphone-compatible calorimeter, real-time glasses-free 3D imaging, and extremely affordable and accurate flow visualisation technology that’s suitable even for medical use. USAT Inc.’s flagship project though is a new renewable energy technology that produces the cheapest source of power on the market: solar-wind technology.

Solar-wind technology isn’t just affordable: it’s carbon neutral and completely green, producing clean water as its only byproduct. The success of the technology is due to its simple design: using only the sun’s energy to heat air, the rising hot air travels along a tube and turns a turbine, producing electricity. As the system is little more than a tube, turbine, heat-absorbing plate, and water pipes to store heat into the night, the system is long lasting and cheap to build and maintain. This makes it accessible even to remote or underdeveloped communities that would otherwise struggle to get reliable access to electricity. It can also recapture waste heat from industry or activities such as bitcoin mining, using that heat to produce power.

USAT Inc. earned the privilege of developing these life changing technologies due to its close ties to the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (AIHEM), an international association of over 350 great scientific minds. After years of being frustrated by the obstacles to getting their intellectual property commercialised, some of AIHEM’s key members had the idea of an organisation whose sole purpose was to facilitate the development and commercialisation of truly worthwhile and innovative technologies. This was the seed of USAT Inc.

A few years later and USAT Inc. has grown rapidly from this seed to be supported by an international network of high-level partners in business, science, and technology. USAT Inc. is constantly growing its partnerships with universities and governments, allowing it to carry out its mission of supporting innovation and getting technologies to the right markets at the right time, so they can reach where they need to be.

Key to the platform is blockchain technology, which allows USAT Inc. to work rapidly and securely across the globe. When IP is stored in USAT Inc.’s secure blockchain-enabled IP Vault, the owner may submit it for assessment to see if it’s eligible for commercialisation through the platform. IP is assessed for commercial viability as well as scientific merit. Only if it passess both of these stages and is ethical, will it be eligible for development. The use of blockchain technology lets the owner of the IP to control which team members assess what part of the IP, thus allowing them to distribute particularly sensitive IP in segments to protect it.

IP stored USAT Inc.’s IP Vault is protected: it cannot be destroyed, lost, or stolen. For IP that is very dependent on entering the market at the exact right time for its commercial success, it can be unwise to patent it until it’s ready to be commercialised, otherwise all the details of the idea are on display for more unscrupulous parties to see and potentially capitalise on. This is exactly what happens in some cases: an inventor has patented their idea with the intention of raising the capital to develop it, but another party sees it in the patent listings and with their greater resources, commercialises it. Even if the patent owner discovers this and has the means to pursue legal recourse, it’s too late for the technology: it’s already entered the market. USAT Inc.’s private IP Vault prevents this from happening: IP can be kept hidden right up until the owner is ready to commercialise it and then it’s safe to patent it (if they so choose), as they will already have secured their niche in the market.

The USAT Token is the currency of the platform and is used to access its services. Customers seeking to purchase USAT Inc.’s technologies must also pay a percentage of the price in USAT Tokens. As the only way to access these tokens is through the secondary market, this creates a constant demand for the USAT Token, protecting and growing its value along with USAT Inc. USAT Inc.’s innovative technologies are often disrupting existing markets or entering emerging markets, making them valuable and in high demand. USAT Inc.’s humanitarian values mean its business model plans for the long term so it can continue to deliver life changing technologies to the world well into the future.

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USAT Inc. is an Australian organisation that utilises blockchain technology to decentralise the intellectual property process and provide patent holders with greater security. Through our platform we fund, develop, and commercialise intellectual property for the benefit of innovators, token holders, and the planet. We ensure innovators are supported and we provide token holders with strong growth opportunities.

The technologies USAT Inc. develops are all helpful to humanity, so everything produced by the platform is directly making a positive change to the lives of others.

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By N. Cain