The AutoBlock ropes in Sydney Ifergan as senior advisor

The AutoBlock ropes in Sydney Ifergan as senior advisor

September 4, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

The AutoBlock is a groundbreaking crypto platform which is looking to revolutionize the automotive space through blockchain technology. The site promises to introduce cryptocurrency into mainstream automobile industry and also help buyers and sellers with vehicle data and accurate vehicle valuation.

September 4, 2018: Veteran ICO expert Sydney Ifergan has officially signed up with The AutoBlock as a senior advisor. The recently launched crypto platform is on the mission to redefine the automotive space for better by making it more secured and transparent through its blockchain base.

The AutoBlock is aimed to introduce a secured automotive industry-dedicated cryptocurrency which can be adopted by car dealers around the globe as defacto payment solution for crypto car buyers. Additionally, thanks to its blockchain framework, AutoBlock is able to decentralize the supply of vehicle data available within the automobile scene to extend most accurate car history data and live car valuation for buyers and sellers. The platform promises most accurate and independent valuation, based on a locality or country’s particular valuation parameters. AutoBlock is driven to build up a global digital resource of vehicle data covering varied range of usage stats to help in determining the actual value of a vehicle.

“The AutoBlock seems to be a highly promising launch in the crypto space of late. What I especially like about is that it extends a 21st century ‘one-stop’ platform before buyers and car dealers for vehicle purchase with cryptocurrency as well as for easy access to accurate vehicle data and valuation. Another great aspect of AutoBlock is that it is backed by a cutting-edge hybrid blockchain infrastructure which brings in the best of both private and public blockchains. Put simply, The AutoBlock has all the potential to disrupt the automobile industry and for better”, stated Mr. Ifergan.

According to further statements of Mr. Ifergan, AutoBlock offers a number of benefits for both buyers & sellers:

For buyers:

  • Ability to purchase vehicles worldwide through Autocoin
  • Considerably lower transaction fees & immediate settlement
  • Easy international payments
  • Release of crypto assets in mainstream with minimal exposure and without taxation issues
  • High level security against fraud & identity theft

For sellers:

  • Free exposure for vehicles for sale worldwide
  • Fast & speedy transaction
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Easy payment acceptance worldwide
  • No cost to accept Autocoin as payment solution
  • Ability to retain Autocoin in digital wallet which can be later used for investment or other purchases that accept crypto or to convert to fiat

AutoBlock will further offer insights to users about the best places to sell vehicles to gain highest valuation and will also share inputs for buyer-users on where to get the best price.

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