EXCALIBUR OS launching the first mining operating system

EXCALIBUR OS launching the first mining operating system

August 30, 2018 Off By Rob Logan

PCs are an integral part of the daily lives of billions of people around the world. They are used for more functions that anyone could have imagined just few years ago, and as PCs become more deeply woven into our everyday lives.

INDIA (Dehradun):- Caliber of EXCALIBUR!!”From The Hills of Nainital”, “The Team Excalibur” is providing pretty stunning idea of  “Excalibur” an operating system works more efficiently and skillfully.    Now what users should be looking forward to is when it arrives in the market?? The sources precisely say main version is under development or will actually launch in 2019 quarter 1, but the beta version is ready. So here a Question arises what is the Excalibur Operating System is offering for the user to use in the upcoming year? Is really your PC is protected from Viruses and Data security? If not here’s the new Operating system(EXCALIBUR) for the users to gain multiple choices of securing data ,files,  crypto  currency, viruses, even with the hackers within the Operating system itself ,by providing more storage for the user  to store other data, applications, games, and many more facilities.

Users can mine crypto coin with better efficiency because of its enhanced performance which utilizes the efficiency of hardware to the fullest. Now mine the crypto coins from your computer or mobile easily. Because Excalibur OS comes with Mining Management system. It will also be launching as an standalone app for all type f devices for Mac, Android & Windows. The Team want to make sure you have a broad choice for the programs and devices you use with your PCs. Today, In Excalibur Os, the same software and hardware that work on Windows,  iOS, Mac, Android & Linux will also work on Excalibur OS. The Team identified some key themes that influenced our engineering design efforts and helped us to focus on where The Team could deliver the highest value to you.

In Excalibur OS system these designers have developed hundreds of little improvements and few big ones that add up to a whole lot less. Less waiting, fewer clicks, uhhh that’s interesting, less hassle connecting to devices, less power consumed and minute overall complexity. Excalibur is clean and uncluttered with streamlined interface that puts the task you want to accomplish right at your fingertips. Managing multiple screens easier, with improvised search so that users can find the information easily. Even browsing the internet is easier, by Excalibur Internet Browser. User kept on asking for improvements in the basic fundamentals like performance, responsiveness, safty, rehabilitee, and most importantly compatibility. They designed Excalibur Os to start up, shut down, and resume from sleep quickly so user don’t have to wait to get the stuff done quickly as they needed to. Improved computer security to that level so no virus could affect the working of the operating system. An Inbuilt virus protection system and anti-theft system which lets users have experience of a virus free and Data Security System. A Mining Management is also included which can mine and manage your coin and have script editing system in which you can add newly launched coin by just adding their script.

  • Hardware advances:- Tablets PCs with touch screens were introduced more than ten years ago, isn’t it right? A whole range of new devices has made touch technology way more popular. . Excalibur advances include SSDs (Solid-State drives), faster wireless networking, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, multicore central processing units (CPUs), and powerful new graphic accelerators and much more fun to go.0
  • Expanded diversity and sophistication of devices:-The type and range of devices continue to expand. Nearly 1,500 and new Plug and Play devices are identified each day, with more than 9 million expected by 2021. At the same time , devices like Mp3 players and mobile phones store information and offer features than ever before.
  • The growth of mobile computing:- India itself is becoming digital users using online transaction which is more frequently used without an internal security system, unlike Excalibur which provides the user a safe environment of online transactions and disables any entry of unknown source file or viruses to enter your PC .
  • More connection options:- Easily getting access to the internet and staying online for a longer period of time . Furthermore, people want to be able to access work and home information, no matter where they are.
  • Connecting multiple PCs in the home:- Everyone ,Everyplace people use more than one PCs at work and home , cafes, -yet setting up a home network can still be challenge. For many people, it’s even more difficult to mange ,find , and share information across multiple PCs.
  • More digital media:- Digital media literacy in a global era offers more than using technology to do the things that were done by hand before such as data or word processing, retrieving information, presenting knowledge, and one-to-one communication .It now allows easy participation in the sophisticated global experiences and networks that our wired world affords.
  • User Interface:- Users now want to have whole new user interface

Compatibility Troubleshooter can automatically fix the problem with user consent, and return the installer. Excalibur OS also includes an expanded application shim infrastructure and a Problem Steps Recorder that users can use to capture application compatibility issues for evaluation by technical experts. These Excalibur team had greatly expanded the list of devices and peripherals being tracked for compatibility with Excalibur OS (Operating System).

Excalibur is the dream project for their developers to gain adoption of 3.5 billion people PC users around the globe which may increase day by day. Different Software Application Extensions are allowed to run at the same time. Users should look forward for an epic Operating System which can change the modern operating System definition by using in built processing everything waiting. Excalibur have identified thousands of devices through data collected via the customer Experience Improvement Program and through outreach efforts to device and PC manufacturers, and The Team have tested those devices for compatibility with   Excalibur OS.

For more informations , visit : https://excaliburos.com