How Can the Hotel Sector Benefit from Blockchain?

How Can the Hotel Sector Benefit from Blockchain?

August 19, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

The worldwide travel and tourism sector is a $7.6 trillion market, approximately 10% of the globe. Local hotel owners and global brands are experiencing fierce competition in the internet era. For many years, hotels require their booking reservations from most channels. They also spend long hours sorting out customer schedules and room availability.

A blockchain is a report which is made from a series of calculations. It involves text, numbers or any other type of data. That coding breakthrough that includes concatenated blocks of transactions enables competitors to share ledgers across a system of computers without the necessity for a principal authority. No single party has the control to interfere with the records. The algorithm keeps everybody honest.

What Value Does Blockchain Technology Can Present to Hotel Sector?

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Decentralization

These days, competition is brutal in hotel distribution. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) cruelly safeguard access to their room. There’s also rate information along with aggressive litigation and overreaching contracts. In the last several years, substantial consolidation in the OTA market has developed even extreme barriers to entry in the marketplace.

Transparency in the Supply Chain

Giant hospitality firms strive to franchise model where the quality of supply is crucial for the reputation of the brand. The blockchain technology will considerably assist to keep the transparency and make the whole process of the supply chain simple.

Real-Time Collaboration Among Corporations

Blockchain technology can manage all data and information on the travel industry. The data is passed on to various corporations, and they can cooperate for enhanced customer experience.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs assist in the return process. It enables people to access all their points faster. The scheme of loyalty programs has decidedly fewer frauds in them. Plus, the tokens can be presented to customers in a digitalized way. The guides, airlines, car rentals and hotels can establish the blockchain network for their members to redeem loyalty points coming from their partner.

An example of this is XinFin. XDC platform incentivizes all its participants in the form of XDC tokens. They carry out commerce using TradeFinex platform. TradeFinex allowed the beneficiaries access to a worldwide financing pool and coupled with various incentives for the financiers. It helps bring down the expense of capital for the beneficiaries, that is a boost to global finance and trade.

Baggage Tracking in Hospitality Sector

When it comes to blockchain technology, the baggage of clients is checked for countless times. It aids in the reduction of concerns in the logistical department. It will save not only the time of the traveler but also the managerial efforts too.

Secure Payments

The greatest advantage of blockchain technology is getting of payments. All the global currency or bank accounts is simplified, and it makes the payment process simple. It’s an excellent help in organizing the payments of international transactions. There can be greater trust in the making of payments to offshore banks that make it more transparent.

The hotel industry is one of the most sensitive business together with the customers. The execution of blockchain technology will guide the sector to enhance the customer experience. It will make the backend process more competitive, and establish the brand value.