Sydney Ifergan signs up with as senior advisor

Sydney Ifergan signs up with as senior advisor

August 17, 2018 Off By Rob Logan is a futuristic blockchain platform that will help game publishers, developers and gamers to monetize directly from crypto users worldwide.

Singapore, august 17th, 2018: Top cryptocurrency expert Sydney Ifergan has announced his joining in in the position of senior advisor. The latest buzzword in crypto and gaming world, is a revolutionary blockchain platform that represents a state of the art decentralized ecosystem aimed to power real economy in the gaming world with the use of cryptocurrencies. will launch its pre-sale on September 10, 2018. The token price for the pre-sale phase is – 1 ETH= 18,000 PXG (Playgame token).

“It’s a great honor for me to join the Playgame team as a senior advisor. Playgame is all set to disrupt the gaming world for better with its advanced blockchain-based smart contract platform which will allow game publishers, developers as well as the entire gaming community to monetize directly from crypto users worldwide”, stated Mr. Ifergan. provides a convenient blockchain-based platform to game developers where they can distribute as well as crowdfund their innovative gaming projects successfully. It’s SDK will allow the a game developer and publisher their own token economy in the games developed or published on Playgame. The developers signing up with the blockchain platform will even have the privilege to beef their games with attractive features like token gifts for loyal users, multi-players with pool prizes and tournaments that will reward in cryptocurrencies.

“ aspires to seamlessly blend virtual economy with real world economy with the help of cryptocurrency that will assure a win-win solution for both game developer and gamer.”

Mr. Ifergan mentioned will extend a number of benefits for both game developers and gamers.

Benefits for developers:

  • Monetize directly to users without the glitches of profit-sharing or gatekeeper fees. Developers will enjoy 100% profit
  • Open source SDK for easy use with integrated wallet
  • Developers will enjoy competitive edge by creating next-generation games integrated with cryptocurrency
  • No risks of chargebacks or frauds or payment gateway issues thanks to blockchain infrastructure
  • Easy access to Playgame’s crowdfunding platform to garner support for new game projects

Benefits for gamers

  • Ability to play game for FREE and get rewards in crypto tokens
  • Complete ownership on purchased virtual goods bought on Playgame
  • Ability to use PXG token in-game purchases
  • Ability to double up tokens through tournaments on Playgame and by staking tokens
  • Ability to trade PXG tokens in major exchanges worldwide

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