Bitcoin Value Appreciates – Cities Accept Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin Value Appreciates – Cities Accept Bitcoin Transactions

August 3, 2018 Off By Steven Anderson

An insight into the crypto-currency market is very important. A lot has changed with respect to the digital assets market and the market trends ruling the general trends in the capitalization in the crypto-currency market.  Market trends for any kind of cryptocurrency is studied with respect to the total market capitalization.  The price of different crypto currencies have been rising and falling in the past month.

The month end trends showed an appreciation of more than 100% with respect to capitalization from the major cryptocurrency types.  The appreciation as documented and reported in the last week in the past month read as follows: Crypterium should an appreciation of +50%, BitMart Token showed an appreciation of +57%, Zclassic showed an appreciation of +76.4%, Fuzex showed an appreciation of +84.9%.  The appreciation range was somewhere between -42.55% through +222.5%.

Budding tokens like XDCE from XinFin are tradable units gaining improved attention from global public investor bodies and they are inexpensive now.  Investors who are looking to tap out on the advantages of reliable tokens might benefit from future appreciation. The range of usability for this token is reported to be huge, specifically so in the trade and finance sector.  This is also likely to find real time use in the money remittance process in the supply chain and the healthcare center and to improve business efficiency.

The crypto currency market has seen a rapid growth and those investors who benefited from the bullish run also know that a fall is likely and how to cushion it. Countries like South Korea have large volumes of trading and they are debating on whether tax benefits will be ended for the crypto currencies. Regardless, there is plenty of good news because the market confidence about these tokens are improving.

There is only a negligible percentage of people who are not interested in buying the Bitcoins and Altcoins. However, with the rest of the population, they are okay about investing when their concerns about reliability and usability are addressed and clarified.

A request has been filed through the Chicago Board of Exchange by a SolidX, a NewYork based VanEck and blockchain platform, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is weighing on whether to approve ETF for crypto currencies. It is expected that the decision might come in August, while several others feel that it could be delayed by several months.

Bitcoin value is expected to appreciate because several cities are receiving Bitcoins as payment and the trend is spreading.  Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Prague, Seoul and San Francisco are just few places serving as hotspots for crypto transactions. Very soon the trend will spread do sub urban areas too.

International business cities and their governments like Switzerland and Singapore have accepted crypto-currencies.  While the rest of the world is hesitant the other governments will also slowly follow up on the trend once they are assured about the real time usability of these transactions. Despite, the Bitcoin people are  forming a world within themselves, transacting within themselves serving the purpose.